Digital Marketing Specialist, Createur, Levensgenieter, Verhalenverteller, Volunteer SV Deurne, Absolute True Google believer, Little bit of Bing, Recreant piano speler, Yoga, Runner.

I Love Brands

Don't just give me something to wear or to drink or to talk about on a birthday party. Give me a brand, that is ALIVE.

I Love Stories

Especially telling stories to my nephew and nieces. Once I am finished they look at me with there big eyes, and say; "wow ome Michael".

I love dogs

Jackson is her name. A labradoodle. The older she gets, the better she listens.

Communication was my education. Communication is now my profession. Creativity combined with rational logics, turns into a profit for both. And; I believe in the power of the smile!

This is my past and present;
Online marketing, e-mail marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEA | SEO), Content management, People management, Community management, Webshop development, Usability and optimisation, e-commerce, Social Media, Concept development.

It is not how you want people to see you.
It is just up to you to show yourself.